The Midlands Industrial Ceramics Group Sector Report – In The News

4th May 2021

The Midlands Industrial Ceramics Group Sector Report has developed a lot of interest across the Midlands and wider of the potential business and market opportunities that Advanced Ceramics holds for the region.

This report was commissioned by the MICG in partnership with the Midlands Engine Economic Observatory. Its purpose is to raise awareness of the importance of Advanced Ceramics to UK industry and highlight opportunities for growth in the Midlands.

This is the first time that such a detailed sector report has been produced. It provides an overview of the potential size of the growth opportunity in the Midlands, and the benefits the sector brings for advanced manufacturing sector in the UK to innovate and sell new products. 

Advanced Ceramics have a global market predicted to be £143 billion by 2025, and a year-on-year growth on average of 12.8% per annum. The sector provides vital products and services to an increasing and important range of advanced manufacturing industries and their supply chains, including automotive, aerospace, healthcare, power and energy, as well as space exploration, defence and telecommunications.

They are increasingly important for improving product performance across a wide spectrum of advanced manufacturing sectors – and critical to increase the competitiveness of key high-value manufacturing industries in the Midlands and vital to the nation’s economic recovery and self-sufficiency. 

Read the sector report by clicking here.