Advanced Ceramics Sector Profile

MICG has been working with City-Redi, a partner in the Midlands-Engine-Observatory to develop an Advanced Ceramics sector-profile for the Midlands Region. This has built on 42 industry consultation undertaken by SQW in 2019 combined with a further 18 in-depth interviews completed in summer 2020, as well as quantitative sector measurements and MICG members’ input.

The industrial feedback demonstrates:

  • The speed and expense in which new products and processes reach the market is critical to competitiveness
  • The Midlands’ research expertise and equipment are world class, but they are not currently sufficiently co-ordinated
  • There is strong appetite for the Strength in Places project themes and outcomes and strong demand for pilot line and commercialisation facilities and expertise
  • In order to get involved in MICG activity, there is clear appetite from companies outside of the Midlands wanting to invest in the Midlands.

You can view the document here.