Members’ Equality and Inclusion Policies


The MICG is committed to eliminating discrimination amongst our members, partners, and collaborators. Our aim is to develop working relationships in which there is no unlawful discrimination and all decisions about partnering, membership and selection, promotion, training, and working relationships are based on merit and the promotion of equality and diversity.

The MICG believes that its partners and members have a right to be treated with dignity and respect, and there is no place for victimisation, harassment or bullying.

All partners are required to comply with the Policy and its arrangements, and inform the Chairperson if they become aware of any breach or potential breach. Furthermore, this Policy applies to all contacts with collaborators, contributors, customers, suppliers, and guests.

Protected Characteristics:

Our definition of direct and indirect discrimination, can be found in the Group Lead organisation’s company policies.

Applying the Policy

All members have a duty not to discriminate against each other and not to aid anyone else do so. The MICG will not tolerate discrimination within our cohort.

Working Conditions and Terms of Partnership and/or Collaboration

We aim to ensure that our partnership policies are free from unlawful discrimination. We will ensure that decisions made under our membership management policies are carried out fairly and without discrimination. The MICG is developing a formal membership review system which will help us to ensure that if required, partners’ memberships and collaboration performance are assessed fairly and untainted by discrimination.

Disabled MICG Members

We will make adjustments to accommodate disabled members where possible and reasonable. If you think you may have a disability, tell us about it so we can explore what adjustments might be appropriate.

What to do if You Have Suffered Discrimination, Bullying or Harassment

If you believe you have been discriminated against for a reason related to a protected characteristic, please tell us. You can speak to the Chair or Vice-Chair of the group informally in the first instance.

Group Chair or Vice-Chair will investigate any complaint and if it is felt a problem exists, the Group will consider discussion, counselling or training to resolve it. Counselling may be by specially trained members of lead staff or by external counsellors. Allegations of potential breaches of this policy will be treated seriously.

Sanctions for Breach of This Policy

If, after investigation, it is decided that there has been a breach of this policy, the member concerned may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the Group. This applies equally to members at all levels.

Policy Promotion and Review

We will promote this policy through the usual channels of the Group Consultative activities, Group web site and briefings and we will review the policy regularly.

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